SGA Companies is both a boutique real estate development group and full-service architecture firm dedicated to achieving design excellence while exceeding expectations. While we design all types of buildings and spaces throughout the region, our development niche is in transit-oriented multifamily residential properties and mixed-use retail in the DC metro area.

Sassan Gharai founded SGA Architects in 1996, and changed the name in 2004 to SGA Companies, to better reflect the real estate development aspect of the firm. Since its founding, we have completed over 400 architectural projects, and over 20 development projects where SGA was both the Architect and the Developer.

At SGA, we believe in designing beautiful buildings that will enhance the neighborhoods, historic areas and commercial spaces in which they are located. The SGA team ensures that the product is one residents, neighbors, design professionals, investors and the community at large will be proud to be associated with. The valuable contributions of each of these stakeholders are necessary to create truly meaningful places in the built environment. We believe that a successful project fulfills the programmatic and financial goals, challenges our architects and designers, and enriches the environment in which it is built. SGA achieves this high standard by consistently maintaining dynamic relationships with clients, consultants, builders, investors, and the surrounding community from the outset of a project to completion.

Core Values

Our core values drive every decision we make. They are the foundation for who we are as a group, what our designs and projects are in the marketplace, and how we want to serve the occupants and users of those products.

1. Create the best design possible.

Limitations will always exist in design – codes, budgets, etc. – but we believe in striving for design excellence regardless of those perceived restrictions. 

2. Be a team player.

Our group represents a diversity of professional backgrounds, experiences, and personalities.  While we each have our primary responsibilities, no one wears a single hat or works within a silo here.  This is one of our greatest strengths, as we can draw on each other’s expertise to address difficult and multifaceted obstacles with creative solutions.  We are always learning, always learning from each other, and always learning from the communities we work with.   

3. Be a community partner.

Architecture and real estate are about people.  People live, work, play, rent, buy, sell, and dream in and around the spaces we create, so it’s only natural that communities should be a part of the process.  We involve the community in our projects as early as possible to achieve more effective and functional designs that build community rather than displace it.   

4. Build for sustainability. 

Now more than ever it’s critical that all stages of a project are geared toward sustainability.  It’s estimated that buildings are responsible for as much as 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Water and energy efficiency in buildings lowers the burden on existing infrastructure, conserves limited resources, and makes buildings less costly to operate and maintain, which in turn makes them more valuable.